Due to the need of transportation for employment by low income earners we have implemented a model by providing a subsidized taxi ride to and from work with a flat rate of $7.00 per ride.  Participants have been issued a bus pass to use when able. Data is collected on frequency of use. This model results in a large subsidy rate to supplement the need as we can only put one individual in the vehicle, at this time. This pilot will lay the foundation for the larger project which we can start to execute with the provinces reopen plan.  This pilot has allowed the TIL to expand partners to include economic and business focus. The program is currently full, however if you are in need of this type of service we encourage you to please add your name to the wait list by clicking here.

TICO- Transportation Innovation Collaborative Operation, (TIL Phase 3 & Bridging the Gap overlap 2021)

The transportation work is continuing to expand. As partners and funders are added we have grown a lengthy name that lacks clarity when community members are inquiring. We’ve decided to call this piece of the transportation work TICO (Transportation Innovation Collaborative Operation) as the project grows, changes and partners are added this name will serve to be relevant.