Katherine and Steven van Nostrand have been involved in the Cape Breton business community for over 22 years, since purchasing what was formerly known as Belmac Henderson Supply Ltd.

Katherine was born and raised in Sydney, and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Dalhousie University in 1986. After working as a neonatal nurse for nine years, she brought her experience in the nursing field to Belmac and started what would become Belmac Uniforms.

Steven grew up in Port Williams, Nova Scotia. He graduated from Dalhousie with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1986 and obtained his Chartered Accountant designation in 1991. After working as an accountant for seven years in Nova Scotia and Bermuda, he soon bought Belmac Henderson in 1995.

Since buying the business over two decades ago, it has expanded to become Belmac Supply Ltd., a Kubota dealership and industrial supply store; and Belmac Uniforms, a work wear and professional uniform store that serves Cape Breton and supplies nursing uniforms to the Maritime provinces.

Katherine and Steven are very involved in the local community. Steven has coached youth basketball in the Coxheath and Sydney River area, and has been highly involved in helping Basketball Cape Breton come to fruition. Both avid runners themselves, they have been organizing bi-annual road races for many years, and as of the last three years, have put on the Emma van Nostrand Memorial Run in memory of their daughter. The race raises money for the scholarship fund at Riverview Rural High School in her name. Until recently, Katherine has been a member of the Canadian Women’s President’s Organization, promoting and supporting business opportunities for women throughout Nova Scotia and the country.


We are doing our homework on your behalf. We are researching what is working in other communities and supporting implementation of similar programs here in Cape Breton. We are asking questions about how our money is being invested locally and how it is having an impact to make a difference. We are looking at the big picture so that we can learn from others failures and successes. We are supporting partnerships so that we no longer work in silos and can identify gaps that need to be addressed to make programs more efficient and more effective.

From Poverty to Possibility

We’re helping to meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people, giving every local community member the opportunity to realize a better future.

All That Kids Can Be

From the early years to high school completion, we’re supporting the full path of development to help children and youth achieve their potential.

Strong Communities

In working for the overall well-being of community members, we’re building the positive environments and social capacity for caring, safe neighbourhoods.



Special Events

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