From Poverty to Possibility

We’re helping to meet the basic needs of our community’s most vulnerable people, giving every
local community member the opportunity to realize a better future. We are moving people from
Poverty to Possibility by funding programs that provides supports for people who need help like
counseling, a dry, warm place to sleep and shower, have meals delivered, teach people to shop
and cook and give them skills they need to get a job.

Funded Programs

Adult Learning Association of CB County
Adult Learner Support

Cape Breton Community Housing Association
Community Homeless Shelter

Elizabeth Fry Society of Cape Breton
Outreach Services

Family Services of Eastern Nova Scotia
Glace Bay Family Subsidy program
North of Smokey Family Subsidy program
Port Hawkesbury Family Subsidy program
Sydney Family Subsidy program

Glace Bay Food Bank Society
Come Dine With Us

New Dawn Meals on Wheels
Seniors Meals Delivery
Mobile Food Market


All That Kids Can Be

From the early years to high school completion, we’re supporting the full path of development to
help children and youth achieve their potential. We fund programs that help Kids be All that They
Can Be by providing them with a safe place to learn, play, eat healthy and grow.

Funded Programs

Boys & Girls Club of Cape Breton, Whitney Pier Youth Club
Afterschool Program
Food Servies Program
Recreation Program
Youth Mental Health/Leadership

Bereaved Families of Cape Breton
Adolescent Grief Support Groups

Ecology Action Centre 
Youth Food Leaders Program

Educational Program Innovations Charity Society
Youth Peer Program

Cape Breton Centre for Sexual Health
Healthy Sexuality for Youth

Ride The Wave Summer Program

Membertou Cultural & Heritage Centre Foundation Inc.
Sharing and Learning from Mi’kmaq Chants & Dances

Undercurrent Youth Centre
Children & Youth Food Program
Life Program

Financial Support for Families


Strong Communities

In working for the overall well-being of community members, we’re building the positive
environments and social capacity for caring, safe neighbourhoods. We are funding programs to
build strong communities by funding programs that support people with disabilities, help people
change after getting in trouble with the law, and make Cape Breton a great place to live, work and
raise a family.

Collaborative Projects

Youth Community Connectedness project

Transit Passes project

Summer Fun Days program

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37,633 calls in 2018
328,198 website visits in 2018 


Reports & Resources

Annual reports, strategic plans, and any other helpful resources we have to help you better understand what it is we do for Cape Breton.