Community Level Impact (Transportation Programs)

Financial Stability and Independence: We are helping community members who have low income and those experiencing transportation barriers, to gain financial stability while supporting independence.


  • Employment and financial support
  • Individuals have family-sustaining, meaningful employment.
  • Individuals and families are financially stable and have supports and assets to avoid financial crisis.
  • Individuals and families have manageable expenses.
  • Personal well being & safety
  • Individuals and families are able to live independently and make healthy choices
  • Individuals and families have positive mental health and are better able to handle life’s challenges
  • Neighbourhoods and homes are safer for individuals and families, especially victims of violence and abuse
  • Connection to supports
  • Community services work together to help individuals and families better navigate support systems
  • Individuals and families are connected to and able to access services and supports they need.
  • Individuals and families create and maintain supportive relationships and connections.


  • Community member’s access transportation that is 1) safe 2) adequate 3) affordable 4) flexible as appropriate to their needs.
  • Community members access resources that address A) safety B) mental health/addictions C) social isolation D) financial issues
  • Community members maintain employment and or have access to a larger geographic area of employment opportunities.